Monthly Highlights

What to see and do in August

The rewards of the hard work during spring and early summer! The volunteers enjoy each harvest and it’s great to see the produce go on sale to the public on the cart outside the Walled Garden.

Plenty of jobs on the list for August:

Walled Garden:

Continue seed collection

Continue cutting back as plants finish flowering

Continue deadheading to prolong flowering

Thin hollyhocks and other plants which self seed prolifically

Cut back lavender after flowering

Complete meadow cutting

Start cutting back lavender flowers

Start lifting and dividing perennials

Remove excess foliage from vines to allow light to ripen fruit

Harvest figs

Plan Autumn work

Jubilee Orchard:

Begin harvesting apples as they ripen

Start processing apple juice

Cullen Garden:

Cut back perennials as they start to die back

Continue watering, feeding, deadheading and staking wooden tub

Weed, cut edges, water and tidy

Community Garden:

Harvest beans, tomatoes, courgettes, cucumber, onions and potatoes

Sow oriental leaves, rocket, coriander, chervil, spinach and chard early in the month

Sow land cress and winter purslane mid month

Visit to Beeleigh Abbey Gardens – 13th July

Staff and volunteers from Cressing Temple had a brilliant tour by the Head Gardener, Chris Cork. He has achieved so much in the 15 years he has worked there including a new herb garden around a posh Alitex greenhouse, wonderful herbaceous borders, a veg plot, fruit trees, a formal fountain area, a Wisteria walk and wild flower meadow, a rose garden and a lovely lily pond (and much more). It’s 3 acres is jam packed with plants, giving loads of ideas to take away for your own garden. Chris has a real flair for colour combinations and is a skilled gardener, ensuring there is a succession of interest from early Spring to the end of the season. He has two or three part time gardeners and some volunteers to help him but it is a massive task with such high maintenance planting. It was very generous of Chris to spare time out of his busy schedule to show us around the garden.

Beeleigh is owned by The Foyle family (of bookshop fame) and the gardens are open under the National Garden Scheme. Well worth a visit for the lovely gardens, the picture perfect Abbey and the view of the River Chelmer on one of the garden boundaries