Monthly Highlights

What to see and do in April

The change to British Summer Time heralds the start of a busy time for the volunteers and gardening staff at Cressing Temple, as well as in our own gardens, on the allotment and in the greenhouse!

Plenty of jobs on the list:

Feeding the roses

Root pruning large shrubs in containers, feeding and top dressing

Painting the plant tables ready for lots more plants that we are getting ready to sell

Splitting containerised Agapanthus

Preparing to plant up our containers

Hard pruning shrubby Mediterranean plants like Santolina, Teucrium, Hyssop, winter savory and lavenders

In the vegetable patches:

Planting out peas, broad beans and cabbages grown in the greenhouse

Pricking out tomatoes

Chitting potatoes and adding mushroom compost to the potato bed ready for planting out in the next few weeks

Sowing the first veg outside – beetroot, carrot etc.

For an early crop – carrots, beetroot, dwarf beans and courgettes were all sown in early March under cover in the new poly tunnel