Monthly Highlights

What to see and do in October

Cart laden and ready for customers.

There is a definite switch in the gardening at this time of year . Still plenty to harvest at the start of October with final crops of courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers.

Our pumpkins have done particularly well this year – planted on the new no-dig bed and on the compost heaps at the far end of the site.

Jobs for the month:

Walled Garden:

Cut down spent hops and remove strings

Prune climbing roses

Remove all figs except smallest

Begin leaf collection

Aerate knot garden lawn

Start protecting tender plants for winter

Move all containers to the protection of a wall or into the poly tunnel

Harvest medlars and quince

Harvest pumpkins and store

Jubilee Orchard:

Continue with harvesting apples

Remove windfalls

Continue to apple juice

Cullen Garden:

Cut back plants to tidy for winter

Collect leaves

Empty wooden tub and replant for winter

Lift and divide where necessary

Weed and mulch beds

Community Garden:

Final harvesting of tomatoes, courgettes, peppers

Clear spent crops and compost them

Spread compost and manure on cleared ground

Plant garlic

Plant salad undercover