The ‘Green Book’

Cressing Temple:

A Templar and Hospitaller Manor in Essex and its Buildings. Edited by D.D Andrews (2nd Revised and enlarged edition)

In 1992 a conference was held at Cressing Temple to bring together the work that had been undertaken at the site. The ‘Green Book’ as it became known brought together the papers given there and reflect the rich recorded history going back some 900 years.

With the help of Essex Historic Buildings, we have been able to revise and update the publication. We have included a study of the buildings known as the Granary as well as other buildings on the site. The section on medieval barns as been revised by John Walker and David Andrews has revised the text on the Wheat Barn, in light of a detailed survey carried out in 1994.

You can purchase a copy of this publication from the Essex Historic Buildings for £10.00 (plus £3.50 P&P). Click the link to purchase your copy.

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